The Field of Treasure

Matthew 13:44

This is a very relatable verse. We can all understand what this would be like.
You’re walking around a field and come across a treasure! It’s private land and so you couldn’t just take the treasure. You must go and sell everything you have that you might be able to buy this piece of land.

This emphasizes how great the treasure is. If it were just a small treasure, it wouldn’t be worth selling everything you have. This is a great and undeniably rich, rare treasure!

When you go to sell, you go with great joy. It’s an inner joy; you running off to sell everything you have. Your friends and neighbors will think you crazy even if you do tell them what you’re doing.

You buy the field and possess the portion of that treasure. It’s yours. You’re rich. You’re wise for selling all to gain this.

Now, as we read it and I break it down in my own mind, I don’t see salvation here—I see the Word of God, the Gospel and the richness of knowing Christ.

There’s no price one can pay for salvation nor can anyone just find it of their own accord. These are God revealed things. (Matthew 16:17) No, this gives us a beautiful picture of what it is to be a citizen of His Word.

Jesus is the treasure.

The question I have to ask myself is this; Do I make Jesus my Treasure? Can the world see Him as this great and precious Treasure? Have I shown His Word to be the most valuable thing in my possession?

Those are hard questions. I have to answer no at times.

If you can answer no to those at any time, you must go to the Lord and confess, I haven’t treasured You above all things. The world has been more to me, I’ve valued my own life or possessions or pleasures above You.

It’s during those times we feel a staleness. How does this staleness go away? By God’s help it will leave when we begin to truly treasure Christ. Again, Christ is the treasure in this passage of Scripture.

In other words, the field is the Word of God. We must walk through it, wander through it, think in it, search within the words, dig, seek and sift.

We WILL find treasure. We will find Christ. He is the Treasure of Scripture. And in fact, He is the Word so how can He not be the greatest of all Treasures?

See, salvation is not the treasure in this verse because we can’t just stumble upon it, we can’t go sell everything for salvation. But we can, as feeble as we are, study the Word and God will cause us to stumble upon great gems of truth and wonder!

We need to get to work digging. We need to get our hands dirty. We need to stir up the soil of the Word and of our hearts and seek treasure like never before.

Proverbs 8:17—19
I Corinthians 1:30

The man that finds this field—the child of God who searches diligently through the Word—his heart shall overflow like Romans 11:33.

If we want to rid ourselves of this staleness and dryness and quieting of power, we must arrive at Romans.

Can’t you hear Paul’s excitement?
O, the depth!
O, the depth of the riches!
O, the depth of how rich His wisdom is!
O, how it gives me wisdom!
O, the depth of the knowledge God has!
O, what knowledge He reveals to me!
O, how great is our God!

The more he learns, the more he’s excited and sees the depth of God’s Word and Christ! It is an everlasting fountain of joy and treasure! I want us all to be this excited. No matter our age, we can be Paul here. And in this, God will heal our stale hearts.

Let’s go to the Word with our tools ready. Be ready to find treasure. Expect it. Then let us sell all our worldly attachments (spiritually giving them up to God) that we might be willing to dive into this infinitely deep treasure!

One last verse: Psalm 119:14,
“I have rejoiced in the way of thy testimonies, as much as in all riches.”

One could say, “I am joyful in the manner and journey of Your testimonies (HIS WORD!) as much as someone else who gains worldly wealth and riches!”

Oh, may that be our plea and statement of rejoicing as we search through His Word.


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  1. Thank you for this. Too often we do not treasure Him above the things and the people of the world.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome, love. I’m thankful you enjoy the articles!


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