Run Hard to Jesus

Mark 5:1—13

Verses 1—5
Have you ever met anyone like this?
If you’ll stop and look, you’ll see that many are demon possessed today.
Our society has wiped away any thought of that idea but it’s very clear.
Sometimes it’ll take 6 or 7 police officers to wrangle one man; that’s not natural.

But here’s another thought too; maybe you’re in a terrible situation. Maybe you’re undergoing something that seems unnaturally powerful and awful. I’m pretty sure Job would have said that his trials could fit the description of this poor man.

There are things in our life that will be horrible—not just bad or difficult—but downright evil we have to endure. There’s wonderful encouragement in this passage!

Verse 6
Here’s a man that no one can control or bind.
A wild man that lives in the tombs who’s out of his right mind. He’s completely absorbed by Satan and his evil. This man breaks chains and shackles apart because of demonic strength.

What does he do!?
He RUNS to Jesus.

Verses 7—13
Those demons were terrified.
They thought it was time for their eternal punishment, locked away forever by the Son of God. This is a clear indication that the last days had come and were soon to be as they are in Revelation. They knew the time was near!

But don’t miss this: in verse 13 Jesus casts out the demons into the pigs that were on the hill. There were 2000 pigs! So what? This man had 2000 demons in him.

What I’m getting at is that this man who couldn’t be restrained, who had 2000 demons in him, who controlled him, when they saw Jesus INSTANTLY they ran to Him and worshiped.

What does this mean to you?
I see two things here:

1. I see that Jesus COMMANDED worship. He didn’t speak a word before but the demons in the man ran to Christ and worshiped Him. Don’t think that these demons were then saved. Not hardly. However, they knew who Jesus was. His presence alone demanded, REQUIRED, that He be worshiped. Just as the Scripture says, “Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord.”

In other words, evil is wholly, completely at His bidding and under His foot and His power, authority, reign and jurisdiction.

This means great things for us!
When evil comes upon us; be it a trial like Job or an evil person – persecution, terrorism, whatever, those things and people are still under His complete sovereignty. In time, they will run to Jesus and worship Him when they see Him. He DEMANDS, REQUIRES AND COMMANDS WORSHIP from all things.

I see His great power here. He didn’t speak a word beforehand, He was seen from afar and the demon was compelled to run and worship because He knew just exactly who this was; THE SON OF GOD!

2.   I see something that really bothers me. I see something I often don’t do. I see a demon-possessed man RUN to Jesus. RUN. Not casually walk or nonchalantly make his way over. I ask myself, knowing the Son of God intimately in a way these demons do NOT know Him, how often do I run and worship Christ?

We who have the Spirit of Christ in us, should RUN, SPRINT, do everything we can to run and worship Jesus.

“But the game’s on, I’m so tired, we have a family gathering, my sinuses are awful this morning.”
Shame on us.

Jesus is worthy of worship. He’s so worthy of all praise and honor that even the unsaved demons lodging in a man, RAN to Him and worshiped.

Jesus MUST be worshiped. Today. We come to worship in Spirit and in Truth. But not just today. Not just on Sunday or Wednesday. Everyday of our life we must look for Jesus. “Think on these things,” the Bible commands. When we see Him in whatever we’re going through we should be compelled to run and worship Him.

If we can’t see Him in something, we must RUN to Him and ask for clarity and vision TO SEE HIM!

It’s a hard pill to swallow that we have to learn a truth from a demon.
But Jesus demands worship and praise and honor to the fullest. And all will worship Him. Let’s run to Jesus this morning and this afternoon and tonight. We know Him in a greater way than anyone else on this Earth!


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