Fight for Me Again

Darts everywhere. From every side. As I conquered one, another would shoot and strike.

It was warfare. All day long – I cried out for help – and there seemed to be a quiet moment, then another onslaught! I was absolutely exhausted physically and mentally. In one last plea, I cried out again to God with a broken and contrite spirit. It wasn’t but maybe ten to fifteen minutes later, He answered!

In flooded this wonderful peace and joy unspeakable; a real inward presence that cannot be put to words. I knew God had done that. So I cried out in praise to the Father for being so sweet and caring for His children and answering our tiny prayers.

Have you felt like that?
You’re at the breaking point. You cannot absorb another hit from a fiery arrow. You fall to the ground and He delivers. When He does it is so glorious and wonderful that only Jesus can get any credit for it. You’ve been so helpless and He steps in. Praise God!

Exodus 14:14
Deuteronomy 3:22
Nehemiah 4:20

That is victory.

When Christ arose and folded up His grave clothes and left that tomb empty – that is victory! 

He fought for us His whole life on earth, and on the cross and in the grave. Our God will fight for us!

Romans 8:37 says we are more than conquerors. That statement is profound. Conquerors means to gain decisive victory.

You can be a conqueror and still not win. Genghis Khan was one, Napoleon was one, Hitler was one but they’re gone and someone else now rules in their seat.

Decisive victory is what wins the war. We cannot be separated from the love of Christ according to two verses above 37 thus we have decisive victory. The war is won!

Yes, there is war. And war hurts. War is tiring.  Put up the shield of faith. God will fight.

I don’t know where you’re at in life but God will fight for you today.


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  1. wonderful! I enjoy your posts 🙂

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