A Look at the Providence of God

Psalm 57:2

This is a clear and plain truth that David clings to in Psalm 57:2. Here he states two basic facts: God has a purpose for him and God will fulfill that purpose. Both these truths combine to become that deep and wonderful theological concept we call “Providence.”

“Providence is the sovereignty of God made palpable. It’s the outworking of his power and authority for His children in space and time, which means, in the things we schedule, the air we breathe, the moments we move. Providence is observed, experienced, tasted. We may even say it’s the distinctively Christian term for reality.”
Parnell, Jonathan (2014-12-15). Reading to Walk: Meditations for the Life of Faith

Because God is sovereign over all, every moment in each of our lives is a moment of providence. Wherever you are at this moment in life, it’s happened by the processes and events that He’s ordained and allowed. Every past moment has led to now. The same will be true tonight, tomorrow, next week and in ten years, Lord permitting.

Our experience of providence is not only a momentary experience but a lifetime of those moments wondrously woven together by God’s great wisdom and love for His children!

We can be assured and be joyful and happy that because God is in control and because we are His that God’s providence NEVER gets it wrong and we will never fall out of that providence. Regardless of what happens it’s either been ordained or allowed by Him. This is a truth we can get excited about!

Think about it:
Rarely does it ever feel like everything is working for the good. Yet Romans 8:28 says all things work together for good to those that love God. What is that saying in light of providence? That His guiding, sovereign hand directs and weaves each moment in our life!

His providence isn’t just so that we can enjoy a peaceful life. It’s target and aim is our eternal joy in being conformed to Christ! God’s clear Scriptural aim for His people, after all, is that we are conformed to the image of Jesus that we might bring Him glory!

This is His decree and promise—(Romans 8: 28– 30).

God’s providence is His execution of that decree and promise!
Nothing ever happens in the universe that is outside of fulfilling this. Nothing. There isn’t a single incident, or “tragedy”, that will result in something other than the true interest and good of the saints FOR CHRIST’S SAKE.

God never gets it wrong. Every detail of our days comes through the blueprints of His meticulous and loving care for us. And even when all hope seems lost, remember He is the one who “who quickeneth the dead, and calleth those things which be not as though they were.” (Romans 4: 17)— and He will do that for you.

That verse is beautiful for two reasons: He gives life to the dead—that was us and that will be us when we pass from this earthly shell into the Heavenly realm.

And greater still, that “calls those things…” part is literally translated as “calls into existence the things that do not exist.”

That’s providence. You say there’s no way. That can’t happen. It’s impossible. It defies physics, science, life itself…and you’re right.

God says, I am sovereign and I have decreed that you will be conformed and preserved, therefore I make it happen. Moment by moment.

That is providence! That is God’s sovereignty! That better get you excited!


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